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Can't play it. The window auto closes after the disclaimer. 

I want this but It isnt for Mac

rip i guess i'm not weenie enough to date xD rip

I really like the game so far but I can't seem to get too far in the routes. Is there a guide or walkthrough by any chance?

love  sims <3 and this game <3 

Played it and felt it moved a little too slow for me, a good concept though. Although it was hard to download it as the folder disappeared.

When I tried to play it a folder disappeared and it said I didn't have it

I wanted to punch Cara in the tits.

the game will not download and i dont know why could you maybe help me find out which files i am missing

I finally got to play the game! (the error was on my end--a couple graphics driver files needed to run the .exe were missing.) I got the "hotdog" ending first and I had to laugh and cry at how awful the costume was. I got Lincoln's ending second and the plot twist surprised me! But it was ok, he's very cute. :) I'm off to play the other routes!

That's great! Glad you're enjoying it so far! :)

how did you get the files

i googled the driver files and just downloaded (from the Microsoft website) and installed. :)

I covered your game on my channel!

Thank you for playing! >.<

The game is so good so far. I am on episode 2 ^^ I have noticed a one spelling error. Before is spelled as beofre

Glad you're enjoying it! Oh darn, spelling errors are always a little embarrassing haha. Thanks for letting us know!


I extracted and run the executable but it doesn't do anything. I have a pc 64bit and an intel integrated graphic card.

Make sure that you've extracted everything thing in the archive before running it.

Everything is extracted into one same folder and it still doesn't work :(


so i downloaded it, but every time i extract the folder, the game doesn't appear so i can play it. Do you know what is happening?

Hello I was wondering if you were gonna make a mac download?

We really wanted to try a Mac version, but we don't have the ability to develop one right now. This was our first game, so we're definitely keeping cross-platform in mind for the future!

I'm also gonna be waiting for a Mac version!

I tried running it through wine and PlayOnMac but it didn't work, so I'll just watch videos of this for now.

Hello, i really wanted to play this game so I downloaded the file and extracted it and clicked on the thing you know, and it started runing and then stoped and nothing happend. I wanted to ask if you know what to do. Thanks. (Sorry if my english is bad it is not my first language)

Hi! If there is no window appearing it might have something to do with your graphics card as older integrated graphics are not supported. What graphics hardware do you have in your computer?

oh i really don't know i have an older laptop and I have no idea about this and how i could help it but thanks for clearing my view

Hats off to you for making a dating sim about Sims. after watching a little bit of Kpop (the youtuber) play it i just had to try it out myself, and so far im not disappointed.

Thanks for DLing! Glad you enjoy it so far!

i laughed when i saw that this dating sim was literally about dating Sims! i love visual novels and the sims, so this is a must for me. downloading it now! :)

hmm i tried launching it but there was an error :( i can send you the txt file of the error message if you want, though.

Yeah, the error message would be great. Apologies in advance if it's something on our end, as we're afk until the 25th for the holidays!

i'll send the file through email. :) happy holidays!


We hope you like our first game!

Hey this game sex no download